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About Bruce Toulmin
All images are original photographs taken by Bruce Toulmin.  Some images have been altered and adjusted for aesthetic effect. Original photographs of adapted images are available. 

Bruce is a therapist in private practice working with children and adolescents. He has a specialty in the area of Parenting Skills for Challenging Children. 

Folk Art for the Digital Age

It is my view that there are similarities between this photography and folk art. I have no training as a photographer and tend to view taking images more an intuitive excercise than a technical one, despite the sophistication of equipment used. Folk Art, in part, is defined by the lack of sophistication or formal training of the artist and in the use of materials easily available, if you will, culturally, 'in reach' of the artist. In my case photographs are adapted using image editing tools readily avaiable for free over the internet. In this way one looks for available 'tools' that work to give the outcome desired, and knows what is desired when one sees it.

Below is an example of the process used to get the effect I desire, in some ways finding out when I get there...
Although I enjoy black and white images, I also wish to 'interpret' photographs using available tools to add texture, color, oversaturation, or distortion to cummulatively produce an adapted image that represents my intuitive feel for the artist or subject.
Photo Sales

All images are available for purchase. Prints come sized 5x7, 8x10, and 11/14. The 5x7 and 8x10 prints are matted with white 11x14 mats ($25). Prints 11x14 are matted with 16x20 also in white ($40). All matted prints include backing and polyurethene bag. Shipping Cost :$10.

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